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Many of pharmacie these worthy people live under very unfavorable hygienic conditions which can be remedied. He had been educated at the American college at Beyrout, and spoke good English, During his stay with us farmacia he proved invaluable in assisting in the treatment of the wounded natives and prisoners whom we received.

With the present crowded medical curriculum obligatory courses in hygiene for undergraduate students of medicine must necessarily be restricted, but with the tendency toward greater freedom of election of medical studies there is the need and opportunity to provide more extensive optional courses in hygien?: prix. In no instance was there any injurious effect produced by either the large or small cost doses of antitoxin. It was occasionally met "generic" with in the stomach as well as in the small FUiaria immiiis. The whole interior cheap of the uterine cavity, including the cervical canal, was carefully curetted and cleansed. The degree in these faculues confers essentially the legal and moral right to display theoretical and practical knowledge in these sciences; and if those who nevei receive an university education, merely acquiring the minimum amount of knowledge sufficient to the highest degree, there would, I think, be no need of degrees at all Your correspondent reasons in a syllogistic form apparently (to).


The patient states that a rapid recovery was made after this treatment, and that he was apparently free from recidive until last May when the growth reappeared and spread, the major portion extending brand into the corpus spongiosum.

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