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" sirve The synovial membrane is the frequent seat of acute inflammation.

The curing process is of the utmost imjiortance 150 to the futm-e value of the crop, aud too much care cannot be given to it. This hope has not been kapvay realized! On the contrary, the blockade has been tightened, and more than two months have elapsed since the conclusion of the armistice, without a single overseas importation having been possible. It is highly manured and free from weeds (catapresan). Usually all the lobes considerations are enlarged, including the pyramidal process if present. Topsy of this kind can be made as complete With these ends in view, and bearing in as is done in institutional work, and the mind the history of the case with the symp- physician should modify the operation in toms that were presented, a careful exami- every particular to meet the demands of the portant organs examined with reference to illustrating a method that may be pursued, effects naked eye; and in addition to this, separat- mortem held in a country home during the ing and preserving portions of diseased tis- past year.


This mode of observing the capillaries is as satisfactory as it is novel: vs. One of the best Kentucky growers of tobacco gives his manner of cultivating and curing, which we make knoAvn as covering all the essential points in the cultivating and cure of manufacturing tobacco, After transplanting, no further attention is required till the weeds and grass make their para ajipearance; these should be at once subdued with the plow aud hoe. Finding him from home he left a message saying that he would call again (tts-2).

Our jiatient being much exhausted by our efforts, tablets he was put to bed and allowed to rest. In many cases cultures are negative; in some, with known causes, bacteria have been found mcg in the thyroid different from those of the primary disease. Diagnosis uncertain, but that tts of concealed haemorrhage best comports with the conditions of the case; causeil either by extra-uterine pregnancy with rupture of cyst, or utero placental rupture. Does the mere fact of morphine addiction warrant the appointment of a guardian? Most assuredly no: catapres. When drug conditions became moist again they continued their migrations upward on the blades of grass or on the glass.

The carbolized Chinese silk ligatures and silkworm-gut sutures were used: 100. The commitment in confirmed cases should be for a term of years, with a power lodged in the court committing, and perhaps also in the board of man- i agers of the reformatory, to grant furlough or ticket-of-leave, its continuance to side depend on good behavior. Sometimes large mg isolated red colonies appear deep down in the medium. Overdose - a OfjclopiPdm of Drug Pathogenetty. Meade, Md., to class duty as Camp Vet'n, that station.