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Increased Evidence of another kind may be obtained by comparing scarlet fever case mortality in the Loudon Fever Hospital wave lengths of about five or six years, and moreover this rise and fall is at nearly all points parallel with that of the London scarlet fever mortRlity, especially during the period from CHANGES OF TYPE IN EPIDEMIC DISEASES (im). Barren, dose Bombay Establishment, in medical charge Kith Bombay Infantry, is appointed to tho Medical charge of the Bomoay Sappers and Miners, vice Brigado-Surgeon-Lieutenaut-Cblonel J. Acetate of protoxide of iron is in small, green crystals, which decompose rapidly on exposure to the air; acetate of sesquioxidc of iron is uncrystallizable, and, in the solid state, deliquescent; it is only, therefore, in solution that either of these salts can be conveniently kept The Dublin Pharmacopoeia directed a Tincture of Acetate of Iran (Tinctura Ferri Aoktatis), which was made by mixing alcoholic solutions of the sulphate tobramycin of scsquioxide of iron and acetate of potassa.

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