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Williams for his article, for its drift is in the right direction; he proposes to think for himself (router). The basilar artery was found to be atheromatous in various places, and at the point where the posterior cerebral artery is given off there was a fusiform aneurism containing a "water" clot, which was apparently of post-mortem origin. Its most typical clinical form follows a mixed infection as a result of a septic element "cvs" superadded at some time to the primary tuberculous infection. The serum transudes from the walls of the anorexia blood-vessels.

A lesion affecting, like glioma, the central part of the gray matter, as a locus praedilectionis, certainly destroys first the sensitiveness to pain and temperature before attacking the tracts conducting "reviews" the impressions of touch and muscular sense, located more posteriorly in the columns of Burdach and Goll.

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According to Geiger, it crystallises "magnum" in stellate silky needles, which have no taste; when not quite pure it forms a sticky, amorphous mass, ditflcult to dry and smelling like tobacco, and having a sharp and unpleasant taste.

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They are used as a demulcent and diarexia astringent in diarrhoea and dysentery, as well as in catarrhal and renal affections.