It is important to note, however, that acute interstitial nephritis may follow inflammation of the urethra or of the bladder without elderly the ureters Microscopical examination shows that in the early stages, the discolored foci may consist chiefly of necrotic tissue surrounding one or more colonies of micrococci. The flooding of the intestine with soluble carbohvdrate retards Salts are necessary, but since all factors causing their excretion have not effects been thoroughly investigated the minimimi requirement is uncertain. It seems to me that it is destined to supplant osteotomy in this generic class of cases, i.e., genu valgum due to bone deformities; thus excluding the paralytic and some other varieties. SUKCEON EVE AND HAR DEPARTMENT, CENTRAL DISPENSARY J INSTRUCTOR signs EVE AND EAR DISEASES, POST-GRADUATE MEDICAL SCHOOL', OPHTHALMOLOGIST TO NEUROLOGICAL CLINIC, RUSH MEDICAL COLLEGE, CHICAGO, ILL. That hospitals in "potassium" general do not all display this idealistic attitude toward the tuberculous would seem apparent. As the ulcer deepens, the inflammatory troubles extends, exciting fibrinous peritonitis with adhesions, involving the surrounding coils of intestines, omentum and parietal-peritoneum, -as a result -of which the distended tube is bound fast in this inflammatory mass (pregnancy). The Index of American Medical Literature will be issued separately, and bound, with the titles as these were printed in side The Journal each week. Dosage - patients, as a rule, had been sick two or tiu'ee weeks before admission to the hospital. Critical differentiation must calcium be made between para- and peri-metritis, chronic salpingitis and pus tubes, tubular pregnancy and tumors, ovarian cysts and multiple fibroids of the uterus, fungous endometritis and cancerous growth, simple erosions of the cervix and epithelioma, etc. An examination of the nose revealed the presence of multiple polypi which had caused complete obstruction of both to nostrils for twenty-two years. ; of second, upon the organs, systems, and apparatuses constituting the stormcentre of the disease-complex, as Gastritis, Hepatitis, Enteric Fever, Gastric Fever, etc. In most deliveries when the head is out the shoulders symptoms soon follow without much traction, often without any.

The ambulatory cases of typhoid fever may never be recognized at all unless sudden death from bowel rupture reveals treatment the true cause. The and doses should always be small and repeated at weekly intervals. They will also have On Monday night the editors and all connected with the editorial staff of medical journals will assemble at the Equitable Building and, after transactions ecg of some routine business, will listen to the annual address by their president, Dr. At different times and in toxicity different countries, to procure statistics of sickness by voluntary reports from physicians.

Biermer, Volkmann's reported,' but the most remarkable instance on record came under my observation in a little settlement where called North Boston, consisting of nine families, all being within an area of a hundred rods in diameter. Causation The peculiar features of this disease, its limitation within certain geographical boundaries, and its occurrence as an epidemic, warrant the inference that it requires for dogs its production a special cause.

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