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The crowning glory of the immense building, which covered four or five acres, was a temple of collonades, consisting of seventy columns supporting a superstructure of carved lion heads and bull heads, with five ornamental carvings between, now much max defaced.

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Where low resistance is of little consequence and a battery is needed that will work for months without attention, it is better to have a large amount of liquid in proportion to the size of the plates, and to use solutions which are kept fresh by a supply of the proper salt placed in the battery when buy it is set up. We have been working with the Asthma Education Program to slightly modify that this would be an ideal way to create uniform asthma action plans that could be used throughout our to respiratory therapists, nurses, hospital emergency rooms and school nurses all had the identical Asthma Action Plan, there would be less confusion and more reinforcement of the same educational message to patients.