The price symptoms, which, to those persons indicate its existence, are symptomatic of other or more extensive disease. In one of these an incision two inches in depth had to be made before pus was reached; in another it was only found after abdominal section that the suppuration had occurred in the gout broad ligament, and on making an incision above Poupart's ligament the peritoneal cavity was opened. The for spores are to be found in manure, garden soil, decomposing liquids, masonry, and the dust of streets. And even now if one sees, as I have seen, some years ago, in a French hospital, a patient in the violent delirium of smallpox, leap from his bed and sr run about among the other patients before he could be restrained, will understand that the risk might be a serious one if it were not guarded against.

The gauze was buy removed forty-eight hours after delivery, and the genital tract irrigated with one per cent. They were limited to the face and disappeared without apparent alteration of the skin, but produced upon disappearance anchylosis of the tetnporomaxillary articulation and deafness of the right 25 ear. Childish peculiarities persist into years of generic adolescence.

The musdes are darker effects than normal, their dark color contrasting markedly with the yellow color of the skin and adipose tissues. This is extremely rare and extremely fatal, the chief sjrmptom being inactivity, and not palpitation, a check to the flow of blood by suspended action of the central propelling organ, and The instances of glossitis in cattle prevention are very valuable, as indicating the chief symptom i of myositis, viz., inactivity, extreme tendency to swell to an enormous size, and though intensely painful at first, only moderately so at last; great febrile excitement in early stages, which soon subsides if suppuration or gangrene does not ensue. A local septic poisoning is used caused by the persistent swallow'ing of septic toxins manufactured in the mouth and throat, chiefly in the presence of carious teeth. Is - the prognosis is good, except in cases of phthisis, syphilis, etc., or in Avhich already a great deal of the cartilage has been destroyed; and even in these cases appropriate treatment Avill often give the patient much co::;ifort. If information of definite value is to be derived from statistics the mortality rates should be based on the total number of births, in fact, statistics should be based on a regular system, so that the records kept and investigations made should be There would, nevertheless, seem to be little doubt that the milk depots have exercised a considerable influence on infant mortality, for in cities in which they have been present for any length of time infant mortality has been medication reduced.


When an artery has been wounded, the blood spurts out in 75mg jets and is very red; when a vein is injured the blood flows in an uniform stream, and is darker colored. S., Professor of Iheory and Practice of Medicine on The usual course of Lectures will be delivered by the Professors, and each of them once a week will hold an examination upon subjects previously get indicated. Every sheet of the questionnaire bears at the top the legend:' Please answer all questions from the viewpoint of what is best in the hands of the layman.' In other words, the board wants to know, not what the surgeon would do in ease of accident, but what the injured man or those about him could and pain should do. Stone further in Stillwater; and Frederick mg W.

We offered, as the Medical Service Administration, also to conduct the business of indocin the New Jersey Hospital Association. Most cases are likely to break in of the ear if not interfered with, but the lance should nevertheless be used early. When situated in the olfactory track the obstruction to nasal respiration "to" is absent, but the refiex symptoms are pronounced: the patient is liable to depression of spirits and to frontal headache.

It is caused by ivh long travelling on bad roads, want of cleanliness, and an internal virus.

The brain is variously altered, sometimes being cirrhotic, at others softened, and tumors may be present about the fourth ventricle, suggesting a probable cause of the side disease. As in peptic ulcer it is usually hemorrhage that is wanting, so in gallstone disease it is usually "25mg" jaundice.

With the cresyl violet stain, the Purkinje cells showed poor staining of the tigroid bodies correspond BOSTOS MEDICAL J.VO Sl'IifllCAL JOURNAL ing to the area stained red with Seharlach R: you. This proved to be extraordinarily obstinate, and yielded to none of the cause usual forms of treatment. This condition of the membranes of the respiratory passages is discovered by a difficulty in swallowing food and fluids; the neck is stiff and the nose protrudes forwards; the respiration is accelerated, coughs; the salivary glands are tumified; the functions of excretion and secretion are, consequently, impaired, and the animal la is said to be" sick as a dog;" the disease often proves fatal in suffocation.

Otherwise headaches the historj' was negative. A little later the nurses seemed to talk among themselves about her does and do other things to annoy her. It was useful when noj administered until the second week, but after this period the course of the disease could not be much affected by art: es.