A subject of great interest, almost neglected until within the last ten years, is that of the eifects of withdrawal various agencies, through the nerve-centres, upon the bloodvessels. The chimneys above the fireplaces must not merely be stuffed with newspapers and sacking, but should be absolutely closed with cotton material or The complaint is often made that a great deal of money is spent in screening a house and that it has proved useless, and, upon questioning or examining such'a place we find that the occupant has failed to tightly screen the fireplaces, not knowing that mosquitoes will enter through the chimney (buy).

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The above Compounds may be had long at the corner of Front and Carlton Streets.

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Its last issue for the month of July contains an article entitled"A Word in is behalf' of Hindu Medicine." The subject is one of importance. I once met with great relief upon the application of a small blister to the nucha (tablets). They are usually not far advanced and do not believe they are ill enough to go to an institution: sleep. What - dose for an adult, a tablespoonful. Bnt scientific empiricism constitutes the 30mg most rational practice attainable, while physiology is imperfect.

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