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During the past few years the surgical measures directed to the treatment of gastric disturbances have rapidly increased as the technique has been improved (discounts). Knight informed the me that this tumor always increased in size very markedly about the menstrual period and then gradually decreased until, at the intermenstrual period, it was scarcely perceptible on palpation. Fisher, MD, Phildelphia County coupons Medical Society Ralph Gaudio, Jr., MD, Secretary, Allegheny County Medical Society; Author: Robert W.

Of - ifl In view of the previous comments, it would be reasonable to assume that following surgery, especially that involving a large bowel anastomosis, after the usual causes of jaundice have been excluded, a rise of bilirubin level should suggest the possibility of a leak at the anastomotic site. Send curriculum vitae to Emergency Medical Associates, Ltd., therapeutic in metropolitan area.

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