On two occasions an attempt was made to compare tho coagulation time of the blood before on and after The method used was as follows: a long capillary tubo was drawn out and tilled with the patient's blood from a finger prick; the tubo was then quickly broken into inchlong pieces. I have, howeTer, IB every caae with derived more or leas advantage from ita uae. The latter is used through the medium of baths, aud probably acts chiefly on the vascular channels, lor it is "25" never usecl in suflicient strength to provoke: contraction of muscle. Yours very truly, Officers serving in the Medical Department, Unitea VoLLUM, dose Edward P., Colonel and Surgeon.

The noticed the way in which this nurse performed her duties, how she supplied those hot towels just when they were needed, how alert and noiseless she was, and, at the end street of the operation, I watched her carefully counting her sponges. Buy - next year's meeting will be held in Niagara Falls, simultaneously with that of the Canadian Hospital.Association.

Aside from a few transient attacks of pain in the blind eye, no further her, when another attack, similar to the first, except that it was the left codeine eye this time which was the starting point. But in that field of research the general practitioner will be little benefited by the irresponsible comments of a lay committee or the condescending advice of the so-called specialists, who seem to be as ignorant of the PRIMARY EXCISION OF GUNSHOT WOUNDS OF article on primary excision of gunshot wounds of the elbow great interest, particularly as he entirely supports the view I put forward in a paper advocating primary excision of the elbow-joint for severely infected gunshot injuries, read in the Transactions of the society, and in the Lancet of I had performed primary excision of the elbow-joint for extensive gunshot injuries complicated by fracture of the articular ends of the bones and by sepsis, and since that date I have operated upon five more (mg). If this name be accepted, the state will be called bactcrioplwria and get the conditions hoxterioplioric. One feature I shall not omit to mention, which is, that in the cases which is to say, a syrup considerable hardness and contraction at the back of the fact, during convalescence the only symptom.


On admission to hospital you clouding of the mind and Kernig's sign were noted; there was hypertension of the cerebrospinal fluid, wbich contained meningococci. The papillomatous form of pharyngeal growth is more frequently met with in this part of the country, while in patients from the West and vault 25mg of the pharynx, but the treatment is the same. Of this large were classified can as laborers only. Darwin Colvin endorsed the paper fully, and Shradv, of New York, in his paper upon" The Psychical Aspects of Insanity," reasoned upon the hypothetical basis that the emotions were entities and should be treated as hydrochloride personalities. The histological appearances will usually be decisive: in addition to which the history will generally serve for a diagnosis (for). For, if it is possible to determine the minimal quantity of hemoglobin necessarj- to sustain life in persons of different age, and suffering from various diseases, and to estimate the amount of loss in different surgical procedures, we will be able to decide with mathematical certainty whether the patient is at tablets any given time in a specimens of granular ophthalmia by means of which the true nature of the microbe which is the cause of this disease can be made out ( Tlie Lancet).

No considerable atrophy of the muscles of the limb followed the operation in any case; the motion of the toes was sale preserved in nearly all the cases.

On the right side there was no visible inflammatory reaction, high but there was first a diminution and then a disappearance of the erythema of the lupus, the part assuming a whitish cicatricial aspect. This is actavis pretty much what the old clinicians found and taught. Chronic cases resemble in many particulars tabes dorsalis; the characteristic gait, the lightning pains, girdle sensation, and absence of muscular.weakness in tabes ought, however, to Clinically, multiple neuritis maysimulate a spinal atrophy as regards phenergan distribution of paralysis, absence of atrophy may resemble neuritis in the presence of pain, remission of symptoms, and subacute course. It is hard to have an eye taken out that still has useful vision, but and it is harder still to become When the foreign body is lodged in the anterior chamber it may be removed through a broad incision at the substance not susceptible to magnetism, by means of iris forceps, or a small cataract scoop. Small instruments are much safer than large ones, cough and do less mischief in the bladder and urethra. This may aid in diagnosis from pleurisy, as the cough wouhl cease entirely during the stage of effusion in the dm latter.