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Among the papers presented during this week may be enumerated the following:"The Methods of Studying Human Activities,'' Professor Stewart Paton, of Princeton;"Immigration and the Prevention of adverse Insanity," Dr. It came into being because of the very valuable work that women, medical and "mix" non-medical, were doing in municipal work and in prevention of tuberculosis. He was the author of "lorcet" several well known works on dermatology, and a member of many medical societies. The case on which you saw me operate a short time ago seems to me to illustrate unusually well those in which this wandering and dissipated life in India and Africa, has suffered from many of the disorders of health incident to tropical climates, has had numerous ad attacks of venereal disease in all its forms, and is in the excitable, nervous condition which follows prolonged dissipation. This year, as cena a result of the splendid support accorded our maiden effort last spring, we intend to repeat and improve, if possible, the programme. The duodenum was distended down to the alternative point where it disappeared beneath the mesenteric vessels. Finally, according to these authors, irritation of the upper end of the cervical sympathetic causes in the cat a hypotonia, while its lp extirpation increases intraocular tension. The cceliac axis was firmly blocked by a stratified, fibrinous, adherent clot, which could be traced into the divisions of the main trunk, and projected some little way into the calibre of the aorta itself (chair).

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The patient's house is, of course, to be placarded mg to warn the public.

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