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Hewitt stated in the prefatory and introductory remarks, that" without diagnosis no advance can be made but on the imperfect basis of surmise and conjecture (125). Affected throughout the day jfk with an irresistible propensity to sleep. It "aeroflow" has been long in the habit of recerv ing from hex the best gifts of science. The indications for surgery may be divided into positive in and relative. The anterior niediastiiiuni is bonnded in front by the posterior surface of the lower part of the sternum; behind, l)y class tlic anterior siul'aee of the librous layer of the perieardiuni: and l)(!ow, by the attachment of the diaphraiim to the ensifonn and costal cartilaiTes. A thin, extended muscle, for example the sartorius of the frog, yields a double spectrum (like a Xobert's glass screen), if light inhaler be allowed to pass through a narrow slit, held closely in front of the fibers and at right angles to them.