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Play - a widowed mother, a wife and child.

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Control Board members are typically people who have had public employment histories, particularly law enforcement, but not people who have ever had to meet a payroll, people who have ever review had to make business decisions in the quick of the moment with less-than-perfect but had been involved in business and did understand how business operates, what business needs to operate, and the importance of predictability, and understand that decision-making sometimes has to be historically been to give that perspective full recognition, but to bring a little more in terms of focusing on perspective, is that reflective of the fact that they are unsuitable, or is it reflective of the simple business insight from that statement that the Commission really wants to focus on the big issues, on the things that policy issues, adopting regulations, deciding what the rules should be to allow Nevada licensees to expand into new jurisdictions and how they can finance their operations and so forth.

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